What are my benefits and rewards?

Rewards come in the form of points and Laureldale's Notes. All Members will earn 1 point per $1 net spend on qualifying items that will convert to a Laureldale's Note when you earn a certain number of points. Certain Laureldale's card member will receive extra points per $1 net spend on qualifying items depending on their Designs on Giving Club status and the type of card they have. For more information on how points are calculated, click here.

Benefits include services and access to special events. Eligibility for these services and events may depend on your Designs on Giving Club status and Designs on Giving Club membership category. For example, Pragmatic Idealist and Model Philanthropist Conscious Consumers are eligible for Laureldale's to You (In-Home Stylist), but Conscious Consumer and Dedicated Partner are not.  Availability of the events may depend on item quantity and seating availability. Other events may have limited seating. Other restrictions may apply.