Exquisite clothes that fit your heart

Illustration. A large iconic heart shape filled with a radial color gradient. Within the heart, are illustrated articles of clothing, laid out flat and viewed straight on, all arranged to flow within the curvature of the heart shape.

Fashion sense & common sense are not exclusive!

Illustration. Woman sitting in a white chair, with her laptop at a modern desk. The background is a large, organic, abstract shape filled with simple images of clothing, accessories, credit cards, dollar signs, make-up, laurel flowers and stars.

Use your power as a consumer to change lives. Every purchase you make at Laureldale’s gives hope & help to an immense range of nonprofit entities that—like you—are striving to make the world a better place… When you shop with Laureldale’s you’re part of the solution… Talk about a fitting ensemble!

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What's the deal?!

Illustration. Scene depicts four people working together to fill a larger than life jar with larger than life money. The image depicts teamwork, successful fundraising, and has a cheerful color palette.

How we work & how it helps!

Welcome to the fabulous future of intelligent & compassionate online shopping! Laureldale’s offers your favorite fashion name brands, but we’re also giving more—giving back!

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Because we care …

Illustration. In the foreground, there are 12 illustrated people standing close to one another, side by side in a line, all facing forward. The image depicts community and solidarity between a wide range of people.

Because we’ve been there …

Laureldale's founder, Laurel Hilbert, personally knows about the tremendous value of that precious gift of help from others ...

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A giveback you can trust

Illustration. In the foreground are a line of six arms outstretched up into the air. Each one is a different skin tone and each is holding a red heart in their hand. The image gives a sense of generosity and giving with a small but powerful gesture.

You’re socially conscious & we are too! That’s why we have a simple way to connect your purchases with helping others …

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